Pharmacist Check-In: Online Support

Online resources can help you remember to take your medications and live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Have you gotten into a routine with your new cholesterol-lowering medication and are finding it easier to remember to take it each day? Are you remembering to refill your prescription on time each month?

If it’s still a challenge to remember to take your cholesterol-lowering medication every day or follow a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle, a great way to get more information and connect with other people trying to lower their cholesterol and live a heart-healthy life is to get online. Whether you are looking for more information on how to lower your cholesterol, eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, or find other people to connect with, there are many ways to do this. Here are some great resources to help you get started connecting with the most up-to-date information and other people just like you.

For a general overview and to read more about cholesterol, visit PDR Health.

There are also online resources to help you live heart-healthy on PDR Health’s partner site, Everyday Health. From heart-healthy recipes and daily health tips to exercise and warning signs for heart disease, visit Everyday Health’s Heart Health and High Cholesterol centers or Everyday Solutions for Heart-Healthy Living. You can also read questions and answers from heart health expert Dr. Arthur Agatston and other healthy eating experts.

Looking for more information about the basics of eating to lower your cholesterol? Whether you are looking for a reminder of what a cholesterol-friendly diet should contain or some new ideas of what to eat to get you started, Everyday Health has tips to help. Plus, you can search a database of hundreds of heart-healthy recipes and track your calories with the free My Calorie Counter food and fitness journal.

There are also several communities online that you can become part of, or follow, for more information and support as you begin your journey to lower your cholesterol and have a heart-healthy lifestyle. There are support groups and discussions you can join for weight loss, heart health, healthy eating, fitness or diet and nutrition or blogs, such as Control Your High Cholesterol, you can follow from other people with similar interests. You can also start your own blog to track your progress or share it with others.

Finally, Everyday Health’s online toolkit lets you track your weight, plan your meals, and calculate your body-mass index (BMI), body-fat percentage, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and other useful numbers.

Support plays a big role in managing high cholesterol and preventing heart disease. All you need is to get started and see what works best for you!

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