Genital Ulcers: Chancroid

  • Basics

    Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease characterized by genital sores and swollen glands. Chancroid is one of several sexually transmitted diseases characterized by genital sores. Chancroid is very uncommon in the U.S. Syphillis and herpes also cause genital sores. Because chancroid is difficult to recognize, many people probably have it unknowingly. In areas of Africa and Asia, chancroid is a significant public health problem.

  • Causes

    Chancroid is caused by Hemophilus ducreyi bacteria. Chancroid is spread through direct contact with open sores that contain contagious H. ducreyi bacteria. After direct contact, the bacteria multiply, causing skin lesions and infection within lymph nodes. The open sores of chancroid make the patient more vulnerable to other infections spread by direct contact, including syphilis and HIV.

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