Infertility Symptoms

  • Symptoms

    Infertility itself does not have many symptoms—only the inability to conceive a child.

  • Risk Factors

    Age is the most significant risk factor for infertility. Women aged 35 to 40 have a lower likelihood of conceiving than younger women. After age 40, the chance of conceiving naturally becomes much less likely.

    A history of a pelvic infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, decreases the likelihood of conceiving naturally. A woman who has had a serious infection with gonorrhea or Chlamydia that led to scarring in one or both tubes may have a difficult time getting pregnant.

    Endometriosis can result in inflammation and scarring of the pelvis that can make pregnancy less likely.

    Women with untreated thyroid disease may not get regular periods and thus may be less likely to get pregnant.

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